BUNKWAA artist sitting on building outside

BUNKWAA (Craig Bunker) is an Australian comic book artist, animator and the illustrator of the fully sick comic series SPEWTOWN. His art is a sleight of hand journey into hyper-cartoon worlds, a kaleidoscopic ride full of character, worlds within worlds and faces within faces.


Recent projects include a mind-bending Totally Unicorn animated live set, an augmented reality public art collaboration with Penrith Council titled “Re-Animate”, and comic illustrations for Un-Cook Yourself authored by Nat’s What I Reckon.

BUNKWAA’s next release will be Alison’s Art Shop at the End of the World, a post-apocalyptic joy that teaches art survival tips.


Most monsters and creatures aren’t too fussy about whether they live onscreen or off. Often creating most projects digitally, BUNKWAA can also take all those onscreen worlds and bring them into real life. 

artist in workshop building wood monsters


artist laying on floor in art studio

The result? Bright, vibrant, detailed, adventurous journeys into animated worlds filled with an abundance of electric characters. 


BUNKWAA is available for illustration and animation commissions. If you would like to work together on an upcoming project or have any general enquiries, email:


bunkwaa logo with monsters and letters