UnCook Yourself book illustration project
Un-cook Yourself
Totally Unicorn film clip illustration project
Totally Unicorn
Re-Animate Penrith illustration project
Re-Animate Penrith
SPEWTOWN comic books illustration project
Alison's Art Shop illustration project
Alison's Art Shop
Cartoon Wasted
Cartoon Wasted


dark green background with drawing of the Landsdowne pub
illustration of green airplane cartoon on pink background
colourful illustration of lots of monsters and mushrooms
illustration of black and white monster background and green alien with person dressed as flight attendant
bright green Spewtown writing with drawing of King St Newtown
brightly coloured drawing of poster filled with monsters and creatures
colourful illustration of lots of shops and monsters
colourful illustration of creatures crawling over a 3D pink background
green background with drawing of a skull shaped bottle with a monster inside
drawing of ghostbusters ghost on a red letter B
black and white drawing of the Townie pub in Newtown
illustration of people in New York City with creatures
drwing of King St Newtown with lots of bright, colourful characters
pink background with blue monster
colourful drawing of an alien in a ufo over the water
drawing of roller skates and cherries on pink background
people and creatures on King St Newtown illustration
pink and green clouds over King St Newtown, illustration
illustration of a record as a person's head


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